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How To Start A Bible College?

Creating a Bible College in your local church has many advantages.

You can…

  • Attract new people to your church
  • Train church leaders
  • Educate your members
  • Refresh your own Bible education
  • Increase awareness of your church
  • And much more

Starting your own Bible college by yourself, isn’t easy.

There are many barriers, pastors run into when they try to create their own Bible institute in their local church, including:

  • Creating a new curriculum.
  • Finding enough staff to maintain the school.
  • Getting accreditation.

If you are a pastor considering how to start a Bible College in your own church, Trinity International Univer of Ambassadors may be able to help. By becoming an extension campus, you can start your own Bible college in your local church.

How To Start A Bible College With TIUA?

Starting a Bible school with TIUA begins with determining the level of interest in your local church. To be an extension campus for TIUA, you will need at least 5 interested students. If you have the interest, we can assist you through the use of our online education technology.

Your extension campus will utilize our online program giving you access to all our curricular materials, including video recordings of class lectures and instruction. You simply provide a facilitator for the course to foster discussion and give additional assistance to the students. TIUA will be providing the instruction and the entire curriculum.

If you are ready to start your Bible college as an extension campus of TIUA, we will arrange a site visit to assess the suitability of your facilities. Maintaining the integrity of the school is important to both TIUA and the extension campuses. TIUA also recognizes that each school would like their own identity, which is why every school is allowed to name themselves and simply adding that you are an extension campus of TIUA.

Keep Your Leaders At Your Church

Another benefit of becoming an extension campus of TIUA is that if the students in your extension school would ever move or relocate away from your local church, they could still continue their studies online with TIUA.

Real Degrees

Typically, the extension campuses run a 2 -4 year program and the students will receive an Associate’s Degree up to Doctorate Degree. Also, all students are will be eligible to receive a bachelor, masters, or even doctorate degree.