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Application Form

Education (transcripts must be submitted)

If the Branch President is not a Pastor

Please list 3 References, not related to you

Branch and Training Fees

Include a check, money order or credit card number for the processing fee of $125. If your application is approved, you will be notified and asked to pay the $500 Branch Fee plus the $500 Training Fee for a grand total of $1000. (include your website)

If your application is approved and your background check is cleared, you will be notified. At that time you will be asked to submit the branch fee and the training fee.

The information on this application is submitted for the purpose of qualifying for a Trinity International Ambassador (TIA) Branch franchise. I hereby certify that the information is true, correct and complete to the best of my/our knowledge, and I/we understand and agree that any falsification of this data is grounds for TIA refusing to grant me/us the franchise. I/we authorize TIA to make whatever credit, and/or background investigation inquiries it deems necessary in connection with my/our Branch application. This application shall become a part of the Branch Agreement entered into by the applicant(s) and TIA. Applicant(s) acknowledge(s) that the information contained herein is relied upon by TIA as true and that any misrepresentation later discovered shall be grounds to revoke the franchise.

By signing I (we) affirm that all information given in this application is true to the best of my (our) knowledge.

Affirmation of Commitment

By signing this application I affirm and acknowledge that all persons involved in the operation of this proposed branch will be expected to:

  • uphold the standards of the Bible which is the only and true source of divinely written oracles of God.
  • be true to the Christian faith.
  • live a life before God and man that is exemplary of Christian service.
  • live a life that will not bring reproach to Concepts of Trinity International Ambassador, Trinity Empowerment Center, Trinity IA Corporation Freedom Ministries, Inc, or any other outreach or ministry of TIA.
  • freely give permission to TIA to conduct a National Agency Check or other investigations as TIA deems necessary.
  • acknowledge that the laws of the State of Georgia, USA shall apply to all matters concerning the Proposed Branch.

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